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Guinnes World Series

Mensagempor Antonio Neves » 16/Jun/2011, 14:36

De: Gre Leenders []
Enviada: quinta-feira, 16 de Junho de 2011 11:42
Para: Gre Leenders
Cc: Udo Lampey
Assunto: [!! SPAM] Guinnes World Series

Dear All,

We received as EPBF a quota of 6 for the above mentioned event.
As we normally do we nominated six players out of the EC and the Euro Tour fort his event. After the dealine we received a no or no reaction at all form the nominated players which means that from the nominated players nobody want to go to this event. The main reason was that a player need to achive the quater finals in order to break even with this event which of course is a valid reason.
After contacting the organizer they asked us to try again to nominate the 6 players, that is why I send this E-mail to you all.

Please find attached the official invitation for this event which will be held from 13-17 July in Jakarta and organised by ESPN Star sports.

There are 6 players invited directly into this event ( Hohmann, Immonen, van Boening, Archer, Souquet and Moore). The rest of the field will be filled by Quota for WPA members and qualifiers in Indonesia.
If you are intrested to play at this event (Stage 2 which is the main event) then please let me know a.s.a.p because we will nominate the first six players who react tot his mail. It is therefore a first come first serve idea.

We will send this mail also to the EPBF member federations so if you are intrested, please react quickly.

Please note !!! The EPBF will not grant a subsidy !!! Only the 6 spots into the main tournament are guaranteed.

Hope to hear soon from you all.


Gre Leenders

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